Happy Birthday WWW

Happy Birthday World Wide Web

Happy Birthday WWW

Twenty five years ago today, the internet was born. Growing up, there was never really any need for me to use the internet and I remember being taught how to access it at school on a brightly coloured Apple Mackintosh computer and waiting patiently for the dial up tone. And, bizarre to think of now, but when I accessed from home, having to check that no one wanted to use the phone before you could dial in.

Times have changed dramatically and we now live in a world where to a lot of people, not having access to wifi is a serious concern. If I think back to the various forms of social networking that have impacted on my life, it is quite funny to think back to the MSN and MySpace days – I wonder how many friends Tom now has? Of course, the invention of Facebook and Twitter changed the face of human interaction forever and has made people more likely to share their emotions and thoughts – sometimes all too often!

The web has given us a lot to be thankful for. Without it, the answer to those burning questions wouldn’t be at our fingertips and available in seconds but fundamentally, I simply would not have a job without it. So, Happy Birthday World Wide Web and here’s to another 25 years.


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