St. Patrick’s Day Discoveries

St Patrick's Day Discoveries

With a slight of Irish heritage (even if it was several hundred years ago!) I always like to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, even if it is just going to the pub for a couple of drinks. As we get closer to the auspicious occasion, blogs and online retailers alike are abuzz with various emerald green, shamrock, leprechaun or drinking related items. A few of my favourites can be seen below:

  1. Emily Schuman’s St. Patrick’s Ombre Cake (
  2. Studio DIY’s ‘Kiss Me I’m Irish‘ cake (
  3. A rather more unusual ‘lucky’ spinach tartlet (
  4. I can’t decide if this would be amazing or pretty hard to swallow…the Black Velvet ‘cocktail’ (
  5. Nigella’s Chocolate Guinness cake would probably be the better alternative for guinness (
  6. To go with the cocktails, Emerald Green straws (
  7. An idea for a St Patrick’s beer tasting party (
  8. This will definitely be needed the next day (
  9. And maybe this Hangover Remedy (
  10. Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day this 17th!

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