The Rapscallion

The Raspcallion and Venn Street Market

Somehow, a Saturday brunch tradition has been started. The sunshine has forced everyone outside to enjoy the weather which means that heading over to Clapham Common is inevitable. Venn Street Market and the nearby Rapscallion restaurant are two stops that I always appear to make on Saturdays. The market is an explosion of flowers, fruit and veg and amazing food. The smells coming from the Spanish food stall are amazing and I defy anyone not to come away with flowers and a cake or two.

The Rapscallion

After exploring the market, brunch is always required. The Rapscallion’s brunch menu has all of the staples including eggs Benedict and Royale, as well as French toast and Croque Madame. But it is their ‘Meaty Breakfast’ that really hits the spot. Somehow managing to make a fry up seem healthy through grilling rather than frying. The perfect accompaniment for me has to be the pineapple juice and the lemongrass and ginger tea, because one drink is never enough it seems with brunch. It has to be one of the best hangover cures I know.

Afterwards, a stroll along the common followed by a glass of prosecco in the sunshine at the Clapham North ends the perfect Saturday and perfectly preps anyone before the inevitable Saturday night out.


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