Ivy’s Cocktail

Cocktail ClubI came across this cocktail in Ivy’s Mess Hall in Dalston and loved it. Anything with elderflower tends to get my vote anyway but the elderflower coupled with the sweetness of pomegranate, the tang of lemon and of course, vodka made me love it from the first sip.

Since then I have tried to recreate it and have gone through various attempts (some better than others) depending on whether I have remembered the ingredients or not. I have substituted the lemon for lime on occasions which does work but not as well.

When I have made this, it has been on a per glass basis for people rather than making a batch (hence the measures). I tend to make this in a cocktail glass that has been pre-chilled with ice.

Depending on how strong you like your cocktails, the recipe is below:

 1-2 shots of vodka
half freshly squeezed lemon
1-2 dashes elderflower cordial
topped up with pomegranate juice

Cocktail ClubEnjoy!


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