Vintage Prettys

Vintage Pretty

Sample discover delightWhilst househunting last year, my now flatmate Amaya and I discovered a little gem local to us. As mentioned in previous posts, I have a particular love of brunch and I am always on the lookout for new places to try, particularly in the local area. Vintage Pretty is attached to a gorgeous old-fashioned greengrocers and offer, in my opinion, one of the best value for money full English breakfasts that I have come across in London. That and the fact that they had an entire dresser devoted to tea meant that it definitely got a vote in my book.

Vintage Prettys

The service was friendly and when we returned again this year, got a cosy seat inside where we were able to catch up on the goings-on of the previous evening and relax over a strong cup of tea and almighty breakfast. When I say almighty, I seriously mean it. You have to have a pretty mammoth appetite in order to finish it, which I did on my second visit. If you ever find yourself in the East Dulwich area, I thoroughly recommend a try you pay Vintage Prettys a visit, although you may need to walk it off afterwards in Dulwich Park!

vintage pretty 3


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