For the love of Shoes

My love of shoes started at a very early age. I still remember coveting a pair of high-heeled jellies (any child from the 90s is bound to remember those!) as well as the black clogs that I wore constantly aged five. Since then of course, my taste has changed and my shoe collection has spiralled, some may say, out of control. With upwards of one hundred pairs and counting I think it is safe to say that I am more than a bit obsessed. Some of them I don’t even wear, I just display. The classic being my Ted Bakers, my ‘babys’. I love them and I’m just waiting for an occasion to wear them.
Ted Baker Shoes
I love the thrill that comes with discovering that new perfect pair, the delight when you try them on and the excitement when you purchase. I especially love getting them home and pairing them with a new outfit. Or if I am feeling particularly frivolous, buying a new outfit to match them. Now, so many of my shoes are stored away in my wardrobe and I only rediscover them when I am having my seasonal sort-out but even if they do remain forgotten at the bottom of the pile, they are still loved. Some more so than others and as mentioned, some are displayed so that this doesn’t happen. In the case of my Ted Bakers, I still try them on with every new dress that I buy and for many different occasions, I just haven’t found that perfect one. Maybe, I should create an occasion to wear them instead.
Shoe love


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