Pizza Pilgrims

Pizza Pilgrims

Sample discover delightSo last night I was meant to go to a gym class with two of my girlfriends. Due to work commitments, one had to drop out but the two of us decided to meet early and do a bit of shopping before heading to the gym. Gym intentions never start well when one of you starts putting on orange lipstick in Topshop. After a bit of perusing, we started to debate whether we were fully committed to the notion of going to the gym. Whilst we knew if would be good for us, our perfectly reasonable logic won out when we decided we hadn’t caught up in a while and must do so immediately.
Pizza Pilgrims So instead, we ending up wandering the streets in search of supper. Whilst debating whether we preferred to sample the delights of Italy or China we happened to walk past Pizza Pilgrims on Dean Street. Now I defy anyone who can simply walk by this place and not turn back. As soon as we smelled the delightful pizza in the air we were goners. We doubled back and waited in line to get a table. The staff were all really friendly despite being rushed off their feet. Not only was I meant to be exercising last night but I had also promised myself that I wouldn’t drink either. Turns out I broke both of those promises and started the evening with a Birra Moretti – I mean it would be rude not to really.

IMG_3587 I couldn’t decide what to order so we settled on two pizzas and half and halfing them – this was one of our better ideas. We ordered the Napoli salami and the portobello mushroom and truffle pizzas with a side of mozzarella with oven roasted peperonata and it was all exceptional. We ate in silence for the first five minutes and for anyone that knows us, that is a rare thing. Hair was put up as we got down to work eating.

Pizza Pilgrims night IMG_3578 Once we had gotten over the initial pleasure of eating, we settled into our meal and caught up about anything and everything. We had a great meal and had an amazing evening of food and laughter – almost to the point of tears. I would thoroughly recommend Pizza Pilgrims to anyone.


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