For the love of shops

for the love of shopsI love shopping, I always have and I probably always will. Whilst I try and save money with each pay cheque, it is almost as if the rest burns a hole in my pocket. I have even tried (rather cleverly I thought) to put some money aside each month as ‘spending money’ or an adult equivalent of pocket money. When I think back over the purchases that I have made over the last couple of months, there is definitely no rhyme but hopefully some reason into why I have bought each item. Like the famous occasion last weekend when I went out to buy things to decorate my flat and ended up buying a rug (justified), a bikini (totally not justified), pyjamas (again, not justified) and two books (both on my new reading list so, justified).

I have decided that I have three things that go against me when attempting not to spend money.

  1. I cannot resist a sale and like to think of myself as a good sale shopper. This is how the bikini managed to creep into my purchases
  2. I go through ‘phases’. Looking through my wardrobe, it is clear that I go through phases of buying particular items. Like the patterned trouser obsession last year, the purchase of work dresses at the beginning of the year, statement necklaces (ongoing) and one which started after admiring a particular nice set on Zooey Deschanel in New Girl, the pyjama set. This started at Christmas when I placed a particularly gorgeous set of blue polka dot pyjamas on my wishlist. It has continued with a red set (even though some say I resemble an elf) and has now ventured into the summer sets. My justification: you need to be comfortable when you go to bed to ensure a good night’s rest
  3. I appear to be able to justify any purchase to myself and also manage to do this for others. This makes me a good or bad person to shop with depending on the amount that you want to spend.

Whilst these three factors, don’t help and whilst I have given the impression I go shopping a lot, I tend to only go 3 times a month (others may contradict this number!). Fundamentally, it makes me happy, and you should always do what makes you happy. And if I run out of money, there is always Pinterest and window shopping to tide me over.


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