Lipstick Love


The past year I have discovered a new found love for lipstick. I love it’s ability to complete transform not only your face but an entire outfit as well as instantly making you more dressy should you need to be. Initially it started out with the classic red, I loved the old-school glamour and slight air of sophistication and spent a while shopping around to find the right shade and texture for me. Having slightly ginger hair made me nervous of colour clash so I ended up going to Mac for a consultation. After trying several out, I decided on Ruby Woo  – a gorgeous shade of red and a very matte texture – and I haven’t looked back. Recently, I have discovered the delights of Topshop’s lipsticks. At only £8 they are very inexpensive way to update a look and I have indulged in both Brighton Rock  and Rio Rio,  a pink and an orange-red lipstick.

Topshop - Brighton Rock
Topshop – Brighton Rock
Mac - Ruby Woo
Mac – Ruby Woo
Topshop - Rio Rio
Topshop – Rio Rio

As soon as pay day comes around, I will start looking around for a summery shade but until then, I will make do with the range of reds, pinks and ‘vamp’ colours that I already have in my collection.


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