One Sixty

One Sixty  - West HampsteadOn Tuesday, my flatmate Amaya and I decided to sample the recently opened restaurant, One Sixty, in a new location for us in West Hampstead. The restaurant is named after the perfect temperature for smoking meat and as the name suggests, has plenty of smoked meat on the menu. Having perused it beforehand, we had both decided in advance to get the pulled pork sandwich. I am a particular lover of the succulent pork meat and knew instantly that this would be the perfect meal combined with a side of mac and cheese, again a favourite of mine.One Sixty menu
Mac and Cheese and chicken wingsWe went for a quick aperitif in a local pub beforehand and then made our way to One Sixty. We were taken to our seats but before we were able to look over our menus, were told that they were out of the pulled pork, much to our dismay. We had to rethink our orders rapidly, I thought the second best option would be to go for the pork ribs instead. When they were brought to the table, I couldn’t believe the size of them – it was enough to feed an army or at least a large man.
One Sixty pork ribsThe three ‘slaws’ that came with the ribs complemented the smokiness perfectly, particularly with the mac and cheese and divinely crispy chips. Whilst I thought the ribs were slightly salty for my tastes, the funniest part of the evening was when I asked to take away the remaining ribs. I was presented with a vacuum sealed pack of meat and chips which is still sat in my fridge.
One Sixty vacuum packed pork ribsWhilst I don’t think that I would return to One Sixty, it was a great opportunity to explore West Hampstead and try something new. Had we had the pulled pork I am pretty sure that we would return!


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