Rooftop Film Club: The Notebook

Back in July, my friends and I booked to see The Notebook at the Rooftop Film Club…or ‘blub’ more like (more to follow on that later). Luckily it was a bright summer evening and we headed up to the roof not really knowing what to expect. Being sponsored by British Airways should have been a clue; the whole experience was very cleverly designed to feel like checking in for a flight and after handing over the confirmation, we were given a boarding pass, blanket and headphones for the film.

Rooftop Cinema Club

We grabbed a bottle of wine to share before settling into the deckchairs laid out on the roof. As the sun began to set, we settled back with our blankets and wine to watch 90 minutes of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams famously falling in love as Allie and Noah.

Sporting the headphones at Rooftop Cinema Club

This is where it comes to the ‘blub’ part. I swear that it is virtually impossible for me to watch The Notebook and not cry. My friends and I all left the rooftop with tear-stained faces which we tried to hide whilst returning our blankets.

The whole experience of watching a film on the rooftop was great and is how I imagine a classic ‘drive-in’ movie must have been like, or maybe I’ve been watching too much of Grease lately. All I know, is that I will be looking at the programme for Rooftop Film Club as soon as it is released and booking a couple of my favourites.


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