An Adventure to the Big Apple

New York

Ten days into the New Year, when most people were thoroughly depressed and already bored with January, I was packing my bags and heading to the Big Apple. Even the prospect of minus seven degrees temperature couldn’t dissuade me. Layers aplenty were packed along with my favourite blanket scarf and we arrived, feeling tired, jetlagged but excited!

Whilst our hotel left a bit to be desired (think horror movie set in a mental asylum) this didn’t bother us too much as we hardly spent any time there.

Our days were spent wandering in search of the best sites, food and stores that New York had to offer.

On our first day we had brunch at the Rockefeller Café and had (and trust me I’ve tried a lot) the best buttermilk pancakes of my life. They were simply incredible and all the things you want from a pancake; light, fluffy and covered in icing sugar and whipped butter. I think my pleasure is perfectly represented in the photograph – the Mimosa may have helped!

Pancakes at the Rockefeller Cafe

The eating tour continued, with other highlights including a classic New York Cheesecake and glass of Pinot Noir at the Plaza, Pizza at Lombardis – again, the pleasure at the sheer size of the pizza is evident! Note – I did not eat that all to myself! And a truly remarkable meal and menu at Alder – I can highly recommend the Black bass with charred leeks and smoked yoghurt and the chocolate dessert was divine!

Pizza at Lombardis

Aside from the eating, we also had to tick off some of the must-sees and dos in New York such as the Top of the Rock at the Rockefeller Center, Times Square and a Broadway Show – we saw Wicked and it was incredible!

We also went to the High Line, Greenwich Village, Trump Tower (mainly for the Starbucks and need of shelter), SoHo and the Sex and the City Bus Tour. As an avid watcher of Sex and the City, I loved this and got to see Carrie’s doorstep and also have my first New York Cosmopolitan at Steve and Aidan’s bar.

As I hinted in my previous post, things unfortunately took a slight turn for the worse when on our last day we went ice skating in Central Park. At first it was amazing, and having not skated for about seven years was surprised at how well I was doing. But then, ironically, on my very last lap I slipped and bruised my elbow resulting in me needing a sling for the following three weeks!

Ice Skating in Central Park

Aside from the slight mishap at the end of our trip, I truly loved New York and getting to spend time there as an adult. It is such an exciting city and I do think that London can definitely rival it in vibrancy. Although next time, I will definitely be going back when it’s warmer!


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