Procrastination Discoveries: part 6

Browsing online is something that I love to do, particularly when I’m procrastinating and trying to pass it off as research. Consequently, I have decided to continue the theme of ‘procrastination discoveries’ from where I left it last year, expanding to include anything that I have discovered recently, be it articles, clothing, food or TV finds.

This week’s include:

  1. Riverside restaurants to try this spring – D&D London (
  2. A 1940s underground themed bar I can’t wait to try – Cahoots (
  3. Loved this Friday re-wind playlist – turns out the 90s seem like the dark ages! (
  4. I’ll definitely be looking to this slideshow when planning my next stay-cation (
  5. My love of chambray is fuelled with this post (
  6. Quotation Queens: International Women’s Day resulted in many list of quotes, this list is from current pop culture queens (
  7. Outfit inspiration for when I want to wear my trainers (
  8. Debating that Easter weekend break, The Debrief have some great suggestions
  9. Interesting idea for an exhibition, particularly with the current beard trend (
  10. Love this idea for tea-infused DIY scented candles (

Happy procrastinating!


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