Macaroni Cheese and Me

 A childhood memory and the best of comfort food

A meal that for me is synonymous with my childhood without a doubt has to be my Nana’s macaroni cheese. To this day, I have a love of it, to the extent that in my last year of university (now quite some time ago) in the midst of writing my dissertation, I was eating my own version almost daily. It is also a bit of a go-to dish whenever the girls are over or a hangover is involved.

My love of the dish is well known amongst friends and family and a couple of Christmases ago I was gifted the macaroni cheese cook book with dozens of varieties, quite a few of which I have already sampled – think different cheese and meat combinations.

But my Nana’s will always have a special place in my heart and despite asking for the recipe and trying to recreate it dozens of times, I have still never managed to recreate it to be as good as hers. Maybe it was the way it was presented and the people that I ate it with as a child that made it taste different or alter the way I remember it. That and the fact that after a plate of macaroni cheese, I was always able to go through to the lounge and help myself to the little blue glass bowl where the glistening gold wrapped Werther’s Original were kept as a treat.

I will share a few of my favourite recipes and versions of Macaroni Cheese over the next few weeks.


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