Is it Spring yet?


I am done with Winter now, it’s official. The weather last week got me dangerously to thinking, hoping and praying that Winter is behind us and that Spring is upon us. That was until Sunday when the rain began again! Spring means more sunshine and therefore increased happiness and of course, bringing out the Spring wardrobe. Obviously, whilst bringing out the wardrobe, this is a great time to evaluate what I currently have, what can be culled and what new items are needed – cue legitimate shopping trip!

My Spring essentials

The trench coat

When the weather is playing up, knowing what to wear when you leave the house can be tricky, which is why this is winner – I love a trench coat for Spring as it keeps you protected from the elements whilst also looking infinitely more grown-up and chic. My trench from Gap has stood me in good stead for the past six years…although I am thinking after browsing some of this Spring’s collections that maybe it is time to invest in a new one.

The Breton shirt

Anyone that knows me, knows my love of a Breton shirt, particularly in the Spring – I think it is the simplicity of it combined with a slick of eyeliner and (on occasion) red lipstick which makes me feel very spring-like. This is one on my list to get this season – I love the light blue – something a bit different from my usual black and white.

All about the trousers

Whether it be ripped white jeans, or patterned trousers – which I am very fond of – trousers are a firm favourite in my spring wardrobe. Whether it is dressed down with a sweatshirt or dressed up with a shirt – the patterned trouser in particular is incredibly versatile and a great Spring option for work.

Spring colours –

Blush pink

When I think of Spring fashion, I always think of feminine, elegant and somewhat preppy. Consequently, if I could think of one person that sums up this look, I would always think of Audrey Hepburn, with her tall gamine figure, ballerina-esque posture and taste in clothing. Because of the balletic connotations, I think you can never go wrong with blush pink for Spring, which is why I love these suggestions from and this for a great Spring outfit for work.

Duck egg/mint green

Either of these colours always make me think of Spring. And actually, come to think of it, the trio of colours that I have mentioned so far is very in keeping with Easter – if I threw in yellow for good measure then that would definitely be the case. Alas, yellow and I do not mix – it makes my already pale skin look even more drained which is why duck egg and mint green are two of my favourites because they actually help to brighten it instead.

So those are the items and inspiration that I will be looking towards when Spring finally gets here. Fingers crossed that is sometime very soon!


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