Natalia Kills & ‘Intellectual Property’

suited and booted - Olu Eletu

So, by now, everyone I’m sure has now seen the now infamous video of Natalia Kills and Willy Moon absolutely tearing to shreds a poor contestant on X Factor New Zealand, Joe Irvine. If you haven’t, you can find the clip below. Before this emerged in the press, I had never even heard of Kills, only hearing of Moon on the iTunes adverts and on Jools Holland. I am now shamed to admit that I did download his single off of the back of it.

Anyway, regardless of whether I bought the single, I did watch the clip where Kills threw out statements about ‘Creative integrity’ and ‘intellectual property’. I watched in disbelief. Who on earth is she to think that Willy Moon trademarked the suit and slicked back hair – it has been a look since the suit was invented. Look back to old Hollywood, any awards ceremony, any black-tie event and this look will be present. If she refers to the fact that he wears his suit with a skinny tie, again I could demonstrate with hundreds of examples of people who wear this, including my youngest brother, who, let me confirm has never based his look on, or even heard of Willy Moon. Her comments reek of arrogance and self-importance, and the fact that she has been given a platform as a judge on a singing competition and I have never heard of her, does not give her the right to throw out such opinions or have ideas of grandeur.

Now let’s look at Kills herself, its a wonder why she chose such words as intellectual property, creative integrity and originality, because sat there in her judging seat – or more accurately ‘throne’ as I can imagine her calling it – her outfit and makeup was anything but original. Look back at anyone over the course of history and you will see their influence, from Cleopatra (as Joe Irvine so wonderfully pointed out) to Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga, Grace Jones, Jessie J, Nicki Minaj and of course, Madonna. Such is life, that now in 2015, we have so many years of historical reference and people, that rarely, something is truly original; inspiration is always drawn from somewhere. So I would say, that rather than making a name for herself with her ‘original’ style, she has actually made a name for herself as someone that is cruel, mean and actually not very pleasant.

The fact that Moon then felt the need to dive in and deliver the final blow makes me think a lot less of him too. In fact, the pair deserve eachother and can remain in their self-imposed exile to LA in a bubble of misfounded self-importance and arrogance.

I know that this post sounds like a long rant, and to some extent it is, but I for one felt the need to write about it and to defend Joe Irvine, even though I haven’t actually heard his singing voice, his style is one that is classic and not an imitation of Willy Moon.


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