And breath

And breath - a key to relaxation

It is amazing what a weekend of relaxing can do for the soul. If you had read my blog post from yesterday, you will have noticed that I had a slight ‘meltdown’ about everything and nothing in particular. Which was why it was important for me to relax this weekend as I realised that a lot of it was probably due to tiredness.

So on Friday evening I headed out to the country (Hertfordshire) and did what any self-respecting twenty-something would do – I went for a curry with one of my best friends and then watched some Gogglebox and had an early night. Then on Saturday, I slept in, had a great brunch in Hertford, went shopping and indulged in a bit of retail therapy, then watched the final match of the Six Nations (very exciting!) followed by pizza and sticky toffee pudding – delightful! I also, didn’t drink which really helped things, instead opting for tea, water and an amazing hot chocolate.

When Sunday came around, I was already feeling a lot better, and after a delicious breakfast of poached eggs and avocado on toast, I packed up my bags and headed back to the big smoke. I really didn’t want to undo all my work of relaxing so I continued to take it easy – not getting stressed out about train times and when I got back to mine, I had a bath, did a bit of life admin, then went for a 5k walk around the prettier bits of my area. I napped, I relaxed, I rehabilitated.

So much so, that waking up yesterday morning, wasn’t an issue, I didn’t have the Sunday night fears and the Monday blues, the bags under my eyes were a little lighter and I was feeling brighter – I did not intend for that to rhyme by the way.

I then had a haircut last night – one which was meant, according to my hairdresser, to give me a whole new look. This actually didn’t happen but I still had a good few inches removed and my hair feels a lot healthier. My day was topped off by having a great dinner with one of my best friends where we set the world to rights over a glass of wine. Consequently, I feel ready to take on the next couple of weeks and am most definitely looking forward to having a couple of days off for the Easter bank holiday weekend.

So, here are my steps to getting out of a mood, or improving mine:

  1. Get out of London for a couple of days
  2. Indulge in comfort food and retail therapy
  3. Avoid alcohol – it doesn’t solve anything
  4. Take a breath – allowing time when you are not thinking of anything is great for the mind and the soul
  5. Take a walk – it doesn’t need to be long, just getting out and getting your heart rate going
  6. Take a bath – there isn’t normally time to do this, but make some, trust me it is worth it
  7. Write a diary entry about everything that is frustrating you and review it in a few weeks. Most things in that entry, probably won’t be a factor upon review. If they are, do something about it.
  8. Treat yourself – be it getting your nails done, having a hair cut, buying a new pair of shoes – taking time for yourself to make you feel better, is always worth it.

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