Procrastination Discoveries: part 8

Procrastination Discoveries: part 8

In a week that has seen me re-evaluating a lot of things and looking to make changes, I have been browsing a lot of sites for new hair suggestions, new outfits, new things to do and see and new habits to make.

  1. Love the new celebrity trend of the bob (
  2. This dress has spring written all over it and is perfect for the office (
  3. Tips for a better sleep (
  4. Which goes hand in hand with ‘how to become a better morning person‘ (
  5. I used Biscuiteers recently to send a gift to my parents and saw it got a great write-up here (
  6. Browsing quotes and sayings, I came across some fantastic ones from Dr Seuss (
  7. Getting a bit addicted to this song – it’s a bit hypnotic in the office (
  8. A great article on how to gain more confidence in the office (
  9. Where I also stumbled across this capsule wardrobe creator (
  10. I always love a good ‘ikea hack’ but these are some of the best that I’ve seen (

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