So life intervened again…

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Time is a funny thing, even though we, in theory, are the owners of our time, productivity and schedule, there are so many external factors that make it seem like that isn’t the case. My work:life balance over the past couple of months definitely shifted into the less balance, more work territory, hence the lack of blogging yet again. But I missed it. A lot. Which is why, even though the balance is still less than ideal, I’ve decided to keep posts frequent, short and sweet.

To be honest, the inspiration behind starting to blog again for the third time was a post that I read by Lauren Rellis, a blogger that I was directed to by one of my many-times mentioned favourite bloggers, Hannah Gale. The first post I read was ‘Important things to concentrate on in your 20s‘ and this struck a chord. Point eight led me back to my blog. It allows me to document the ‘life’ part of the work:life balance and may even encourage me to prioritise keeping well and learning new things. I think points three and nine will take some work though.

So, my advice to the twenty-somethings out there, take a look at the list and see if there is anything that you can work on to make your life a happier one.

Happy Tuesday!



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