A meal worth mentioning

franco manca menuI feel like sometimes the only things I write about are food but I had to give this meal a write up. On Sunday I went for a wander with one of my best friends and ended up in East Dulwich. The intention was to have a pub lunch but after looking at menu for The Palmerston – definitely worth a try – we decided that we would forgo Sunday convention and have a pizza instead. There was good reason for this, before we had got to the Palmerston we had passed the recently opened Franco Manca. Being a lover of pizza in general, particularly Pizza Pilgrims, we thought it would be too good to miss.

The place was consistently bush throughout our time there and for good reason. The menu, whilst small held everything you could want from an authentically good pizza parlour whilst having the added bonus of being cheaper than a lot of other places on the market. We shared a mozzarella, tomato, olive and rocket starter and then I had the chorizo pizza. For a meal for two, the bill came to £24 and I can honestly say that it was better than some of the pizzas that I’ve eaten in in Italy.

One to definitely recommend to any pizza lovers out there!


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