Sticks ‘n’ Sushi

Sticks n Sushi

Sushi is one of my favourite meals and so it is always a treat whenever I get to eat it when it isn’t from itsu or Yo Sushi. So the other day, one of my best friends and I headed to Sticks n Sushi – the latest in Sushi chains to come to the city. There are several branches across town now but we went to the one in Covent Garden. Described as ‘sushi with a nordic touch’, the restaurant has a very Scandinavian feel to it whilst feeling very New York at the same time.

The menu is, as always with a sushi restaurant, something to behold in terms of length but also in pictorial beauty. Sushi always manages to look good in a menu. We decided to go with the Sushi side of the menu as opposed to the ‘Sticks’ that help to make up its namesake – sticks being very much more meat-based. We ordered quite a lot and thinking that that it was going to come on small plates as it normally does in restaurants, we wondered how it was all going to fit on the table! We were incredibly pleasantly surprised when the plate that you can see above was brought out and all of our options carefully arranged.

We ordered:

GRILLED EDAMAME BEANS Tossed in supreme soy, ginger and garlic – served warm, these gave me a new found appreciation for edamame, already a firm favourite of mine
SALMON HANDROLL avocado, lettuce, salmon, sesame & cucumber – for me a meal involving sushi cannot be complete without a salmon and avocado hand roll and these didn’t disappoint
SHAKE DAIKON Thinly sliced daikon with soy cured salmon, avocado, cream cheese, cucumber & ponzu – this was definitely to try something new and were really nice
SALMON HOSOMAKI – maki is normally something I order purely to fill me up so we ordered a selection
EBI PANKO ROLL Tempura shrimp, spicy sauce, topped with avocado, sesame & tsume soy – this was truly the highlight of the meal, and something I would highly recommend
SPICY TUNA ROLL Tuna, spicy sauce, cucumber, rolled in furikake and spring onion

For dessert we ordered:

Marcel chocolate cake with crystallised white chocolate
Dark fondant, with chocolate caramel & peppermint heart, topped with crunchy hazelnut brittle

Sticks N Sushi

I really enjoyed both the food and the atmosphere of Sticks n Sushi, and whilst the scenery isn’t as spectacular as that of Sushisamba, the quality and variety of sushi is great and I will definitely be returning sometime soon.

11 Henrietta Street 


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