Well Autumn has begun then…

Autumn leaves

So it’s raining pretty hard as I am writing this post. I’m sitting in my office staring out of the already darkened windows and it looks a bit like the world is going to end. And that isn’t just because I am surrounded by grey concrete and busy roads. I was in Rome last week for work where the sun was shining, it was warm and I was walking around in summer dresses drinking prosecco – yes, it was amazing!

I come back to London to find that Autumn has well and truly begun. Not just in terms of the weather may I add. Suddenly, the beginning of September was a trigger for wearing coats, tights and winter boots as well as the launch of (the very cute I might add) Starbucks Autumn cups…I’ve already had three this week.

The Autumn television programmes are also back; cue Strictly Come Dancing, Googlebox, X Factor, First Dates and sooner or later, Downton Abbey. As soon as I got home from Rome on Sunday I indulged in Googlebox, a true favourite of mine and I felt very content, curled up in bed, wearing pyjamas and watching my iPad.

Now it must be said that I for one am I a lover of this transitional season. For me it symbolises warmth, relaxing at home with friends on the sofa with blankets and tea or red/mulled wine as well as the countdown to two of my favourite events of the year; Bonfire Night and Christmas.

So, hello Autumn! Welcome back and please be kind to us and not rain for the next two months.


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