A British Summer

Summer this year (if you can even call it that) has been changeable to say the least. Depressing at times too. There have been days where the temperature warms your bones, the sun is shining and your mood is elevated to new heights. And then there are days when the rain just. won’t. end.

It’s the latter that has been a more permanent feature than not for me over the past two months particularly after returning from an incredibly wet weekend in Wales. Our family had gathered to celebrate my Grandmother’s 80th birthday with grand plans of walks on the beach and a big barbecue on the Saturday. It turns out they were very optimistic plans and in fact we spent most of Saturday inside playing board games and drinking prosecco – it felt like an early Christmas in July.

I could moan, I could complain but changeable weather is a staple of the British summer – it’s what you make of it that matters. Most escape to warmer, sunnier climes and whilst that is still on the cards for me – I am just trying to make the most of each sunny day and the not so sunny.

I am keeping active, even if it means running in the rain. I am socialising, even if it means sheltering in a pub or restaurant rather than a picnic in the park and I am ploughing through my watchlist on Amazon Prime and Netflix when the rain really is relentless.

How are you making the most of summer?


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