Independence Day: Resurgence

So last weekend, my family and I gathered at our local cinema to watch the latest instalment of Independence Day – a film that must be one of our most watched. It was twenty years in making – I still remember curling up in my best friends sister’s bed aged seven and watching the original, sometimes beneath the covers. The original is also one that I watch with my Mum whilst she irons – we always enjoyed Will Smith and Harry Connick Jr.

What can I say about the new film? It resurrects original characters – some of which you had forgotten – and brought a new one in the form of Liam Hemsworth – who actually wasn’t the worst one in it. With another rousing speech from former President Whitmore, and some sadder moments too, one of the best lines from the film had to be:

“Who’s that tall and gangly person waving at us?”

“That’s my David” from a pleasingly resurrected Mr Levinson

It took five people to write the screenplay and that was very telling. It was corny to say the least, there was laughter throughout the cinema, and that wasn’t in reaction to a joke.

But having said that, if you can get over the cheese and don’t take the film too seriously, then it can be enjoyable. The action was good, there were gripping moments and the plot wasn’t totally ‘out of this world’ (pardon the pun) But it certainly doesn’t live up to the original.


Photograph by Aaron Burden


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