Running - photo by Martins Zemlickis

Trying something new

For anyone that knows me, it is a truth universally acknowledged that I am not sporty. I have my moments when I attempt to keep fit – like the summer I went to the gym three times a week, and the couple of months that I went to Zumba. As we have gotten older,  a number of my friends have overhauled their lifestyles and become yoga bunnies or half marathon runners – this is something that I have yet to fully commit to. However, this summer, there has been a change in my sporting activity. I don’t know if it was meeting people that had the shared goal of fitness (ie. attempting to) or getting out and about but I found myself being a founding member of a run club at work.

Pounding the towpath of Hammersmith 1-2 times a week with a number of colleagues spurring eachother on has (and I never thought I would say this) actually been fun. The warm weather, picturesque views of the Thames and camaraderie amongst colleagues has made running enjoyable and has now become a regular fixture in my week. So much so that I joined Parkrun – joining 120 likeminded individuals to complete a 5k run on a Saturday morning. Whilst I have only managed this once over the summer, I am going to attempt to do this once a month as a way to monitor my fitness and see if I can beat my current ‘personal best’.

The other change has been tennis. In a bid to get fit and be more social as a company, a tennis tournament was set up over the past few weeks. Whilst I own (several) rackets, my tennis skills leave a bit to be desired. But as it was in the name of fun, I signed up. Whilst I have lost every match, practicing and playing with colleagues has provided me with a new love of the game. Playing for two straight hours last night, I could easily have continued long into the evening – I just need to persuade someone to want to play tennis more regularly – and practice makes perfect right? Maybe next year, I’ll be able to win a match?

Whilst I won’t be taking up a new sport every season, it has made me realise that you should try something new every once in a while – it might even be fun – and what have you got to lose? Better to have tried something new than close yourself off to new opportunities and experiences. 

Photo by Martins Zemlickis


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