Book Club: Friend Request by Laura Marshall

Always on the lookout for a new book, recently I’ve really found myself drawn to detective, mystery and thriller novels. Trying to decipher potential endings whilst also be completely caught up in a character’s world has been providing me with the greatest form of escapism from the stress of work.

Last week, my boss came into the office complaining that her commute had come to an end and that she was unable to continue reading a new book, Friend Request, written by a former colleague. To say my boss was hooked was an understatement. She instantly told us the basic plotline and within minutes a couple of team members, including myself, were downloading to our Kindles.

Frustratingly half-way through another book (one to cover next week), I hurried through it so I could start the new one.

Basic plotline, Louise is sent a friend request from a former school friend. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Except, the requester has been dead for the past twenty-five years. I started the book on Saturday evening and finished it on Monday evening, almost not being able to put it down.  Even now as I write this post, my heart is still racing ever so slightly.

Split between the story of Louise in 1989 and 2016, the past slowly unravels as we discover dark secrets amongst a group of so-called ‘friends’, with an even bigger secret revealed towards the end.

I would thoroughly recommend reading this debut novel from Laura Marshall, it is gripping, original and total escapism. Not to mention that it is currently only £1.99 on Amazon Kindle!


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