As an avid fan of blogs, I always loved the idea of starting my own. Even tasking myself the New Year’s Resolution of doing such a thing didn’t persuade me to do it. I did eventually start this one and dabbled for a while but then there was a large hiatus. After setting myself a second New Year’s resolution, I have resolved to do better. As the title suggests, there isn’t really a theme to this blog – it is the musings and sometimes rambling of things that go on in my life, I have discovered, watched or stumbled across.

I am also quite a ‘faddy’ person – for anyone that read this last year, you will see that Swedish Gym was a big one, I went through juicing phase in January, there is also my ever-present Netflix habit which perhaps can’t be called a phase.

What I am watching right now: The Good Wife, Person of Interest, Catastrophe, Cucumber and Googlebox

What I am reading right now: Multiple chick lit books – really must branch out from these

What I am listening to right now: Years and Years, Benjamin Clementine, Taylor Swift


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